The Ukrainian Association of Systemic Family Therapy

About the UASFT

The Ukrainian Association of Systemic Family Therapy (the UASFT) is a voluntary association of individuals, established for the exercise of the rights and freedoms of a human being and a citizen, meeting the community interests including economic, community, cultural, educational, and other interests of its members and/ or other persons.

The UASFT unites citizens and experts who are engaged in psychological practice, research in the sphere of psychology, family therapy and other persons acting in Ukraine.

The main goal of the UASFT is:

  • Facilitating development of the family therapy in Ukraine.
  • Establishing a professional association of the psychologists.
  • Developing and promoting psychological culture and knowledge in the sphere of the family therapy.
  • Meeting and protecting legal interests of social, economic, professional, creative, spiritual character and other common interests;
  • Promoting development of the psychology as a profession in Ukraine.

Key tasks of the UASFT are the following:

  • Joining and coordinating efforts of the professional psychologists with the purpose of promotion and development of the family therapy, strengthening the social prestige of the family in Ukraine.
  • Participation in the forming of the young generation of professionals in the sphere of psychology, psychotherapy, and family therapy.
  • Promoting the professional activity of a psychologist, psychotherapist in the institutions, at the companies (associations), organizations and in the spheres of economy of Ukraine.
  • Promoting the forming of a systemic mechanism of cooperation for the professional psychologists and their associations with the ministries, departments, offices, state committees, scientific research institutions and profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, city and regional councils and other local authorities.
  • Representing and protecting the interests of its members when settling legal, economic and organizational issues at the public authorities, non-governmental and scientific associations.
  • Promoting rehabilitation and prevention, as well as increasing the level of family therapy and support, psychological and social assistance.
  • Establishing and implementing cooperation with the specialists and professionals in other fields and their associations of all levels.
  • Promoting the establishment of the efficient modern National System of the Family Therapy in Ukraine.